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Re: PC: We're back!

Good! I missed you guys!
Sorry to skip Ohio, it hurt me more than you. <G>
I did bump into Mark Brannibar at the Dieruff train show in Allentown,PA right after the convention. He filled me in on what transpired.
Also, while at the show, a gentleman brought some PC slides which we looked at. He has a perfect shot of that PC mail express caboose... what is it, the 4750? The one Gene found on a slide out in CO 2 years ago. The caboose is verifed as painted in PC passenger green by Mark and myself.
For more info on the fella w/ the slide, contact Mark.
Also is WIll Jamisson still onboard yet? I sent him an email after he got hurt at work and no word back from him. It may have been a dead addy.
Otherwise, great to be in the swing of things again.

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