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PC: Penn Central FL9's for sale

I have two FL9's in HO scale (resin kits) for sale.  Both kits are completed 
and lighted and super detailed up.  The first is a black FL9 #5020 is the 
only FL9 that is completely black w/ large white P/C and the second is a 
yellow and blue w/ yellow decals.  Both are completely painted and lightly 
weathered for a realistic appearance.  These two units have never saw any 
tracks, plus have third rail shoes.  These are museum pieces and look 
fantastic paired up together along w/ the new Walthers Passenger Cars.  Also 
have an EP5 painted black for sale.  If anyone is interested, please E-mail 
me for pricing.   Thanks-
                                                  Martin S. Kaufman
                                                  newhavtrn -AT- aol.com

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