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Re: PC: PRR Archives


Thanks for the information.  Your message really whetted my appetite.  A couple of questions

1) What are the hours of the archive?

2) Do you need an appointment?

3) Ar their any fees associated with conducting research (to get in the door)?

4) Is copying allowed?  What is the fee?  Self serve?

5) Are their any finding aids/guides to collection available a) on line or b) for purchase?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

One other question

You said:
"In the 4th quarter 1970 engine purchase report of the CMO of the PC, after
some revisions, there was to be 77 Gp38's purchased. There were two foot
notes on the bottom stating the reason why 7 more units were added. One is
that 5 are for PRSL and the other foot note stated there are 2 for the LV.
I could find nothing alse about this and earlier order reports did not have
the LV footnote."

Does the report specifiy what units (if any) were traded in on the GP-38 order and, if so, does it assign a monetary value to those units?

Robert Holzweiss

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