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PC: Walthers New Baggage Dorm

Has anyone seen a pic or know which prototype the new baggage-dorm is 
modeled after? I model the Lakeshore Limited in '78 and the baggage-dorm 
assigned was a ex SP car. Just want to know if I am going to get as lucky as 
I did with the diner. While we are on this subject... Does anyone know about 
the new 56 seat coach Eastern Car Works is coming out with? Supposedly these 
are a NYC prototype again these were assigned to the Lakeshore Consists that 
I am working on. There are 2 cars that I am stuck on. The first is a 16-4 
Sleeper... Amtrak series 2530-2537 (ex AMTK 2010-2017, exx SCL 6700-6707, 
exxx B&O 7100-7110). The car names were Bobolink, Cardinal, Gull, 
Kingfisher, Mockingbird, Oriole, Quail, Robin, Swan, Thrush, and Wren.


(second one down)

The other car is a Buffet-Lounge Mid train observation. AMTK Series 
3330-3345, Budd 1934-1947 All ex SCL, but have heritages ACL Champion, 
SAL-FEC Henry M Flagler, and SAL-FEC Champion.


Anybody have any ideas where I can get one of these cars? or a good starting 
point for a kitbash?

Seth Lakin
Lafayette, IN

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