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PC: Re: PRR Archives

Lon wrote:

> Also, on the way home passing through Leesport, PA (yard for the RDG Hist.
> Tech. Society), I bumped into their newest piece from SEPTA. A stainless
> NYC/PC Passenger bar/grill car.
> PC worms are faintly seen and there is still a green window band and black
> letterboards w/ NYC faintly visible.
> Now, it is numbered 4423 which in 1968 was a 6 axle grill car (p. 88 of
> book).
> Does anyone know of the re#ing between '68 and 70's?
According to "Railway Passenger Car Annual" from 1975, the 4423 was a 6 day
room bar lounge ex NYC 659 rebuilt from 6 double bedroom lounge
10629-Mountain Stream in 1967.   Built by Budd in 1949.  The book does not
mention any other PC numbering or when it recieved PC numbers.

Think the RDG Society would restore it in PC paint???


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