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PC: Re: PRR Archives

Of course the LV was an 80+% property of the PC, and PRR previous, from

I believe the two mentioned in this report may be the two which went to PC
anyways, among the last straight GP38's to PC (7930's, not sure exactly
which two - 34/5 or 37/8?), as mentioned in a caption in one of the LV In
Color books from Morning Sun. (I think it must be Vol 2, as I dont find the
shot I remember in Vol. 1 which I had here handy).  Eventually they were
able to get GP38AC's, but not until 1971.

Bill K.

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> Alright, I finally had a day off, so I ventured to the PA state archives
> take a gander at the PRR/PC collection there.
> Suffice to say, this is a several day project I crammed into 2 hours of
> time.
> I found a neat little tidbit.
> In the 4th quarter 1970 engine purchase report of the CMO of the PC, after
> some revisions, there was to be 77 Gp38's purchased. There were two foot
> notes on the bottom stating the reason why 7 more units were added. One is
> that 5 are for PRSL and the other foot note stated there are 2 for the LV.
> I could find nothing alse about this and earlier order reports did not
> the LV footnote.
> Also, on the way home passing through Leesport, PA (yard for the RDG Hist.
> Tech. Society), I bumped into their newest piece from SEPTA. A stainless
> NYC/PC Passenger bar/grill car.
> PC worms are faintly seen and there is still a green window band and black
> letterboards w/ NYC faintly visible.
> Now, it is numbered 4423 which in 1968 was a 6 axle grill car (p. 88 of
> book). This car the RCTHS has is a streamlined 4 axle car like the ones on
> p.87 of our book.
> I will scan pics when I get them.
> Does anyone know of the re#ing between '68 and 70's?
> Just curious.
> Lon

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