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PC: PRR Archives

Alright, I finally had a day off, so I ventured to the PA state archives to
take a gander at the PRR/PC collection there.
Suffice to say, this is a several day project I crammed into 2 hours of
I found a neat little tidbit.
In the 4th quarter 1970 engine purchase report of the CMO of the PC, after
some revisions, there was to be 77 Gp38's purchased. There were two foot
notes on the bottom stating the reason why 7 more units were added. One is
that 5 are for PRSL and the other foot note stated there are 2 for the LV.
I could find nothing alse about this and earlier order reports did not have
the LV footnote.

Also, on the way home passing through Leesport, PA (yard for the RDG Hist. &
Tech. Society), I bumped into their newest piece from SEPTA. A stainless
NYC/PC Passenger bar/grill car.
PC worms are faintly seen and there is still a green window band and black
letterboards w/ NYC faintly visible.
Now, it is numbered 4423 which in 1968 was a 6 axle grill car (p. 88 of our
book). This car the RCTHS has is a streamlined 4 axle car like the ones on
p.87 of our book.
I will scan pics when I get them.
Does anyone know of the re#ing between '68 and 70's?

Just curious.


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