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Re: PC: Flexi-Van car numbers...

According to ORER info, all of the series of cars I listed were active
during the Penn Central era, both with either PC markings or NYC markings.
Below are the quantities of cars in each class that received PC markings.

PC 775100-775124          9   CARS
PC 775125-775176          28 CARS
PC 775177-775200          12 CARS
PC 775203-775213          9   CARS
PC 775214-775225          4 CARS
PC 775226-775999          115 CARS
PC 776001-776024          16 CARS
PC 776025-776428          266 CARS COMBINED
PC 776430-776459          23 CARS COMBINED
PC 777419-777525          81 CARS
PC 777701-777799          77 CARS
PC 9700-9799                  AT LEAST 17 CARS
PC 9851-9893                  AT LEAST 2 CARS
PC 9924-9926                  AT LEAST 1 CAR
MFVX 6700-6799             QUANTITY UNKNOWN
MFVX 6800-6899             QUANTITY UNKNOWN
MFVX 6900-6999             QUANTITY UNKNOWN
MFVX 9500-9699             AT LEAST 2 CARS
MFVX 9800-9849             AT LEAST 3 CARS
MFVX 9902-9923             AT LEAST 1 CAR

Strick was the first builder of these cars, manufacturing them from 1958
until 1960.  NYC contracted with them to build both the containers and the
cars.  Greenville became the car builder beginning in 1960.

Good luck on finding pictures of these guys.  I've been searching for a
long time.  I think one of the reasons pictures are few in number is that
these cars were always in fast moving trains and didn't stay idle in yards
too long.  Plus, when they were idle they were deep in passenger car yards
or near mail facilities and not as accessible to the public as in normal
freight yards.

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  Thanks for the info.  This has got to be the most concise answer ever
posted on this list.  The bad part... I had no idea there were so many
different types of Flexi-Van flat cars (about 5) built.  Does anyone have
pictures of the different car types?  The only roster shot I seen was in
PC Color guide of a Greenville MARK III.  Were all the different car types
still in use by the time of PC?  I also had no idea that Strick (trailer
manufacturer) made any of these cars.  Are there differences between the
Greenville & Strick FC type cars?  I know that all the cars were between
80'-85' long.  However, truck center distances varied quite a bit in
  Any help on this matter is appreciated (especially pictures).  I may have
to go back to the drawing board concerning some kit-bashes I am trying to

>From: Mark_Branibar -AT- praxair.com
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>To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
>Subject: Re: PC: Flexi-Van car numbers...
>Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 10:27:10 -0400
>Here's some info about the PC Flexi-Van car numbers that might be helpful
>to you.
>775100-775124        891-F        503100-503124       STRICK     FC TYPE
>775125-775176        894-F        503100-503175       GRNVLE    FC TYPE
>775177-775200        905-F        503178-503200       GRNVLE    FC TYPE
>775203-775213        105-F        503203-503213       STRICK     FC TYPE
>775214-775225        106-F        503214-503225       GRNVLE    FC TYPE
>775226-775999    880F,885F    503750-503792       STRICK     FC TYPE CAR
>                                                    503855-503999
>776001-776024        906-F        504000-504024       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776025-776049        917-F        504025-504049       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776050-776099        911-F        504050-504099       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776100-776223        914-F        504100-504223       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776225-776324        925-F        504225-504324       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776326-776424        930-F        504326-504424       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776427-776428        986-F        504427-504428       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776430-776454        137-F        504969-504993       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776455-776459        138-F        504994-504998       GRNVLE    MARK III
>777419-777525        995-F        504430-504525       GRNVLE    FC TYPE
>777701-777799        2261          9700-9799              GRNVLE    MARK
>9700-9799                2261          9700-9799              GRNVLE
>9851-9893                2259          9851-9899              STRICK
>9924-9926                2253          9924-9926              STRICK
>MFVX 6700-6799       ??            MFVX 6700-6799    GRNVLE    MARK IV
>MFVX 6800-6899     2270          MFVX 6800-6899    GRNVLE    MARK IV
>MFVX 6900-6999     2269          MFVX 6900-6999    GRNVLE    MARK IV
>MFVX 9500-9599     2268          MFVX 9500-9599    GRNVLE    MARK IV
>MFVX 9600-9699     2267          MFVX 9600-9699    GRNVLE    MARK IV
>MFVX 9800-9849     2259          MFVX 9800-9849    STRICK     BLF TYPE CAR
>MFVX 9902-9923     2252          MFVX 9902-9923    STRICK     BLF TYPE CAR
>I included the Merchants Despatch cars because some of them received PC
>logos even though they had MFVX reporting marks.  All of the four digit
>cars series were BLF type flexi-van flat cars which meant that they had
>steam lines and were equipped to be handled in passenger trains.  All of
>the six digit cars were FC type flexi-van flat cars or freight train only

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