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Re: PC: Flexi-Van car numbers...

  Thanks for the info.  This has got to be the most concise answer ever 
posted on this list.  The bad part... I had no idea there were so many 
different types of Flexi-Van flat cars (about 5) built.  Does anyone have 
pictures of the different car types?  The only roster shot I seen was in the 
PC Color guide of a Greenville MARK III.  Were all the different car types 
still in use by the time of PC?  I also had no idea that Strick (trailer 
manufacturer) made any of these cars.  Are there differences between the 
Greenville & Strick FC type cars?  I know that all the cars were between 
80'-85' long.  However, truck center distances varied quite a bit in length. 
  Any help on this matter is appreciated (especially pictures).  I may have 
to go back to the drawing board concerning some kit-bashes I am trying to 

>From: Mark_Branibar -AT- praxair.com
>Reply-To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
>To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
>Subject: Re: PC: Flexi-Van car numbers...
>Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 10:27:10 -0400
>Here's some info about the PC Flexi-Van car numbers that might be helpful
>to you.
>775100-775124        891-F        503100-503124       STRICK     FC TYPE
>775125-775176        894-F        503100-503175       GRNVLE    FC TYPE CAR
>775177-775200        905-F        503178-503200       GRNVLE    FC TYPE CAR
>775203-775213        105-F        503203-503213       STRICK     FC TYPE
>775214-775225        106-F        503214-503225       GRNVLE    FC TYPE CAR
>775226-775999    880F,885F    503750-503792       STRICK     FC TYPE CAR
>                                                    503855-503999
>776001-776024        906-F        504000-504024       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776025-776049        917-F        504025-504049       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776050-776099        911-F        504050-504099       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776100-776223        914-F        504100-504223       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776225-776324        925-F        504225-504324       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776326-776424        930-F        504326-504424       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776427-776428        986-F        504427-504428       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776430-776454        137-F        504969-504993       GRNVLE    MARK III
>776455-776459        138-F        504994-504998       GRNVLE    MARK III
>777419-777525        995-F        504430-504525       GRNVLE    FC TYPE CAR
>777701-777799        2261          9700-9799              GRNVLE    MARK IV
>9700-9799                2261          9700-9799              GRNVLE
>9851-9893                2259          9851-9899              STRICK
>9924-9926                2253          9924-9926              STRICK
>MFVX 6700-6799       ??            MFVX 6700-6799    GRNVLE    MARK IV
>MFVX 6800-6899     2270          MFVX 6800-6899    GRNVLE    MARK IV
>MFVX 6900-6999     2269          MFVX 6900-6999    GRNVLE    MARK IV
>MFVX 9500-9599     2268          MFVX 9500-9599    GRNVLE    MARK IV
>MFVX 9600-9699     2267          MFVX 9600-9699    GRNVLE    MARK IV
>MFVX 9800-9849     2259          MFVX 9800-9849    STRICK     BLF TYPE CAR
>MFVX 9902-9923     2252          MFVX 9902-9923    STRICK     BLF TYPE CAR
>I included the Merchants Despatch cars because some of them received PC
>logos even though they had MFVX reporting marks.  All of the four digit
>cars series were BLF type flexi-van flat cars which meant that they had
>steam lines and were equipped to be handled in passenger trains.  All of
>the six digit cars were FC type flexi-van flat cars or freight train only

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