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PC: Re: [Fwd: FW: [FC] Flexi-flo hoppers]

I had started a kitbash of one of the PC cars out of a Walthers car a while
back, and had cut it into a three bay, but then I discovered that the
Walthers car is taller, and that would have required lengthwise sectioning
to get the height right, and that kinda killed the project!! :-(

Walt Gay
grumpy ex-car knocker
Walt's Hobby Shop
Petersburg, VA
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> Someone just happened to forward this to me today about the Flexi-Flo
> hoppers, so I thought I'd pass this on as it is pertinent to the
> -JWJ
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> Gregg Mahlkov wrote:
>  >NYC did have some cement covered
>  >hoppers that were stencilled "Flexi-Flo" but any covered hopper could be
>  >used in "Flixi-Flo" service.
> True enough, but I presume Frank specifically meant the cars marked
> Flexi-Flo.
>  >AHM once made an approximation of these cars
>  >but they weren't very accurate.
> On the contrary, the AHM model is not a bad rendition of the early
> ACF Flexi-Flo, NYC 885800-885824, blt ACF 8-64, lot 941-H, but that
> is only 25 cars. NYC 885825-885899 (ACF 7-65 , lot 963-H) &
> 85680-885799/ PC 897680-897799 (ACF 4=6-66, lot 996-H) did not have
> the vertical ribs along the bottom third of the carbody that are on
> the early cars and the AHM model. Of course the detail of the AHM
> model is no where near what we now expect. Overland's model matches
> the later version, btw.
> PC 898000-898109, H58, were also marked Flexi-Flo. These were a
> completely different design manufactured by Butler Manufacturing for
> North American Car and leased to the PC. These were a 3-bay version
> of the pressure-diffential cars that Walthers made. Overland has done
> these in brass as well.
>  >A grungy, grubby, two-bay Centerflow in NYC
>  >reporting marks would problably be more accurate for cement service via
>  >Flexi-Flo terminal, as far as I can recall.
> Except that PC did not have any 2-bay Center Flows.
> --
> Jim Eager           jeager -AT- sympatico.ca
> Toronto, Canada

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