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PC: [Fwd: FW: [FC] Flexi-flo hoppers]

Someone just happened to forward this to me today about the Flexi-Flo 
hoppers, so I thought I'd pass this on as it is pertinent to the discussion.


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Gregg Mahlkov wrote:
 >NYC did have some cement covered
 >hoppers that were stencilled "Flexi-Flo" but any covered hopper could be
 >used in "Flixi-Flo" service.

True enough, but I presume Frank specifically meant the cars marked

 >AHM once made an approximation of these cars
 >but they weren't very accurate.

On the contrary, the AHM model is not a bad rendition of the early
ACF Flexi-Flo, NYC 885800-885824, blt ACF 8-64, lot 941-H, but that
is only 25 cars. NYC 885825-885899 (ACF 7-65 , lot 963-H) &
85680-885799/ PC 897680-897799 (ACF 4=6-66, lot 996-H) did not have
the vertical ribs along the bottom third of the carbody that are on
the early cars and the AHM model. Of course the detail of the AHM
model is no where near what we now expect. Overland's model matches
the later version, btw.

PC 898000-898109, H58, were also marked Flexi-Flo. These were a
completely different design manufactured by Butler Manufacturing for
North American Car and leased to the PC. These were a 3-bay version
of the pressure-diffential cars that Walthers made. Overland has done
these in brass as well.

 >A grungy, grubby, two-bay Centerflow in NYC
 >reporting marks would problably be more accurate for cement service via a
 >Flexi-Flo terminal, as far as I can recall.

Except that PC did not have any 2-bay Center Flows.

Jim Eager           jeager -AT- sympatico.ca
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