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Re: PC: Walthers is doing PC passenger cars

I would rather think so too, I still remember a big stink in the Model
Railroader letters page in some old back issue, probably as old as I am, all
these people with angry comments about the Penn Central steam locomotive
decal set that Wathers issued at the time.  Which now I really don't get,
what with things like Conrail steam engines (AHM, and they would undoubtedly
have been PC if there still had been a PC) and the rainbow of Varney
Docksiders (I have shells for a NYC jade green and an SP red/grey example)
that no one complained about.

In any case all their newer stuff has been pretty reasonable with regard to
prototype authenticity, so I would expect these to look right...   a Marx PC
steam set it's not.

Bill K.

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> As I recall, the diner-grill is an NYC prototype. Not
> sure about the others.
> I imagine Walthers would do a 'real' paint scheme.
> Peter King
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> >On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 02:16:25PM -0400, Walt Gay
> wrote:
> >> Just got the new Walthers newsletter, and they are
> doing the Budd cars in
> >> PC! The baggage/dorm, grill-diner, 52-seat coach,
> and the 73' baggage in PC.
> >> Due our Oct/Nov.!
> >
> >That is good news. Now hopefully they'll do them in
> the proper paint
> >scheme, instead of the green fantasy scheme that IHC
> used on their cars...
> >
> >BTW, anyone know if the Walthers cars match any of
> the PRR or NYC
> >prototypes?
> >
> >-JWJ
> >

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