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Re: PC: question

Patrick Harris wrote:
> Hi all----I am interested in doing a number of X-NYC, X-PRR and
> X-NH cars in PC-transitional markings. The only pic I have seen of
> "splotchouts" like we see today was an X-58 with the keystone blotted out
> with PC green and the reporting marks painted over and PC marks put in their
> place. Is anyone aware of/have photos of other predecessor cars in hasty
> remarks? I'd sure like to do 10-15 cars, but without a proto pic I'd just be
> making "hasty pudding".

Try the first picture on the Boxcar page on my website. It shows a PRR X26F 
  that had its PRR lettering painted out and restenciled for PC....and very 
neatly at that.



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