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PC: Penn Central FL9's

Just came back from my hobby store, Branford Hobbies in which he just 
finished another batch of plastic FL9's that they are selling in undec. kits. 
 These models
can be made for New Haven FL9's (they include decals upon request) or the two
versions that Penn Central wore.  I have the decals for the Blue & Yellow 
version.  I will be putting shots of the two completed kits on the web to 
view.  They are much cheaper than the Brass Versions and just as good, along 
with a little super detailing they look fantastic.  On the Blue & Yellow 
version, I used the paints, Testors Chrome Yellow, which matches up to my 
yellow decals very close and Accu-paint Delaware & Hudson Blue.  Very sharp 
color scheme, especially when paired up with the black version.  Marty

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