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PC: RE: picture of gp35 nr 2252

The best I could manage was a shot of the engine as CR 2252, taken 11/77 at
Odenton, MD (back in "the good old days" before the corridor was fenced

See:  http://www.flash.net/~stuebben/CR2252.JPG

Gary Stuebben
Dayton, OH

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Subject: PC: picture of gp35 nr 2252

Does anybody have a picture of PC 2252. This is a GP35 addorned with the red
P (according to microscale). A friend of mine repainted a BN GP35 for me
(http://www.phlfrra.com/BNPC.htm) and i would like to have a picture of the
real thing and if possible any available background information.
Thanx, Nick

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