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PC: Harmon NY -> was 20th Century Limited

Rob Carlo wrote:

"After braving a rare Connecticut Tornado Warning for my home town  of
Waterbury CT (third time this season.. I think I'm in Kansas), I ventured to
Croton Harmon NY to witness the arrival of Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited on
the 100'th anniversary of the New York Central's 20th CENTURY LIMITED."


PC listers

For those interested in photographing the "Old" Harmon shops, get your pictures while you can.  Metro North has planned an ambitious rebuilding of the entire yard complex.  The plan includes the demolition of the main shop building and the construction of a new, smaller building to the south near where the fueling pad is presently located.  The new arrangement will significantly rearrange the trackage around the shops moving most maintenance functions (in addition to the locomotive servicing) further to the south to reduce the noise pollution for those expensive condos located along the water at the north end of the yard.  As an aside, you get to the condos by crossing the tracks at the same location as the former turning loop installed to permit steam locos coming in from the north to back around the loop to the round house(es).  Although the original bridge has been replaced, the foundation of the old bridge supports the new bridge.

In just the past 10 years Harmon has drastically changed with elimination of lineside signals, replacement of the bridge crossing the shop leads, realignment of mainline tracks through the yard, closing of JD Tower between Harmon and Croton North, and the drastic reduction in freight activity at Croton North due to the closing of the Tarrytown GM plant.  Demolition of the main shop building will be the final blow.

Bob Holzweiss

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