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Re: PC: Lettering

Jerry, your flattery is too much.

However, on to the question at hand.

There was one piece of rolling stock that I've uncovered that was painted
with the "white P / orange C" logo.  The car was PC 271833 which was a
class X56A 50 ft. double-door boxcar in auto parts service.  It was
ex-Pennsy 88505.  It was painted at the Hollidaysburg car shops in June
1968 during the same time the "red P" logos were being applied as the
standard.  The logo was the same size as the standard 50 ft. boxcar size.
The name "Penn Central" was all on one line.  The "PC" was in the slanted
style and the number was in the former PRR straight style.  All of the
small dimensional data was in the former PRR style found on the last Pennsy

This car may have been the test car for this logo style as the GP40's
weren't built until October 1968 and the RS3 wasn't painted until the last
week of April 1969.

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Robert Slovensky wrote:

> Does anyone know if Penn Central painted any freight cars with white "P"
> and orange "C". I know that some GP40's and a lone RS3 received the
> white "P" and orange "C". Please let me because I have alot of those
> decals from the Microscale set.

As far as I know, none were painted with an orange C. I'll leave this one
to Mark "Mr. PC Freight Car" Branibar to answer sure, though.


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