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PC: Tribute to Joe Jack

This may be a bit off topic for some lists, however I'm sure a number of
you all know or have heard of Joe Jack of Baden (Pittsburgh/Conway) PA.
	This Joe summer Joe will be hanging up the lantern.  Perhaps He will
have time to actually shoot some trains.
	Joe has been a friend and mentor to myself and others for many years. 
Truly a man who would give you the shirt off his back.  Always with
positive attitude and joke, Joe has always been willing to share his
knowledge with anyone connected with rail fanning or modeling.  Joe has
a marvelous collection of slide from all over the US and Canada(lots of
late EL/PC,and early CR) in which he is selflessly willing to share.	
	So now is the time to reward Joe with a tribute this summer.  A get
together is planned for late June which will include a cookout and a
dusk to dawn slide presentation.  If you are interested in donating
towards a gift, and are also interested in attending this celebration
PLEASE CONTACT ME OFF LIST FOR DETAILS.  Please feel free to forward
this to anyone who might be interested in donating or attending.  Thank
you Mark

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