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PC: Martha Washington passenger car

I was driving through McKeesport tonight, and took a few pics of the 
preserved Martha Washington. This parlor-observation car, built as PRR #7127 
was built in 1952 by Budd. (Gotta love that PC Passenger Car Directory, put 
out by our own PCRRHS!)

It's currently serving as a travel-agent's office, and looks pretty good 
considering it's spent the last 20 years or so out in the elements. Too bad 
the interior's been gutted. I guess I can't complain, since it is 2002, and 
it still has the PC letterboards, and was saved.

Anyway, my question is this: On the side of the car, all the letterboards 
(numbers and car name) are in red, while the PC one is black. The 
numberboards on the end doors are black. Did PC just leave the PRR boards on 
the sides?

Second question is that according to the Directory, there was another car in 
class POC85C (#7126, Benjamin Franklin). Whatever happened to it?

--Chris Osterhus

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