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PC: Another one bites the dust

Hi list,
I got some bad news last night.
Let me start from the beginning:  A few years ago, there was a large oil
painting of a PC Metroliner on ebay. It received no bids. I contacted the
seller privately and had an opportunity to buy the painting outright. It was
painted in the early 80's, plus I didn't really want to spend the $$$ for it
at that particular time, so I passed on it. I have since reconsidered my
decision & thought that maybe I should buy it. After all, how many original
works of PC art are out there? Well last night I got my answer- 1 less than
there used to be. You see last night I talked to the current owner of the
painting. He told me that before he bought it from the artist, he had him
paint over the PC logo with a PRR keystone! I couldn't belive he did that,
but there it is...
The lesson: buy it when you see it, because you may never see it again-

Gary Farmer

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