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PC: Re: penn central power

I talked to Mr. Yanosey last year about just such a thing. I described to
him the large after-market for second-hand copies of his original PC book,
at least the one I have seen on eBay. He said at the time that it would not
be possible to do a reprint of the original book for a variety of good
reasons. That is why I inquired about the possibility of issuing a color
version, an entirely new edition with new pictures. As I noted in my post
the other day, I could not characterize his response as for or against the
idea. That is something I will leave to him to write about, if he cares to.
Personally, I think it would sell better now than it did some years ago,
anti-PC bias (real or imagined) or not.

My 2 cents.

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> so who do we talk to about getting penn central power reprinted. i think
> would go over big.
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