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Re: PC: Re: PRRT&HS convention

> I did see a "Penn Central Power" book for sale. He
> wanted 200 bucks for it. I don't know if thats good or bad price.

If you go to train shows you will often see hugely inflated prices on
books. This gives the dealer some elbow room to bargain, plus there is a
chance that a sucker will actually pay the asking price.

When you start seeing railroad books going for much over $100 you should
be wary of reprints appearing soon. I talked with a friend at a GATS show
a few weeks back who told me the sad tale of how he paid hundreds of
dollars for a copy of "Ghost Railroads of Tennessee" about a year before
I.U. press reprinted it. (Now available for about $40.) Indiana
University Press has done the rail community a great service by leading
the way in reprinting rail books.

Bryan Turner

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