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RE: PC: PRRT&HS convention

RE: "It seems like most NYC, PRR & NH fans believe that the PC destroyed
favorite RR."

I am a die-hard NYC fan and have been a subscriber on the NYC and Canada
Southern lists for over 2 years.  In that entire time, I have not seen a
single negative comment about the PC, PRR, or NH.  Most seem to view the PC
as simply a continuation of NYC.

NYC did not want to merge with the PRR, PRR did not want to merge with the
NYC, and neither wanted the NH.  The merger was a long shot to stave off
imminent bankruptcy, like a terminally ill patient grasping at alternative
medical procedures.  Unfortunately, the effort was doomed from the start
because ICC regulation and work rules at the time did not allow the
necessary savings to materialize.

Gary Stuebben
Dayton, OH
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