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PC: Re: Penn Central Power

     Hi---Penn Central Power usually sells on eBay for around $95. I have
seen some run up over $125, but that is unusual. If you just HAVE to have it
now, you can pay the $200, but you will definitely be able to find a much
better deal if you are patient in your search. They also can be found
through Amazon's out-of-print service too. The $200 sounds like greed or
wishful thinking, but that's just my opinion, and we each have those of our
     Last year when I was still searching for one, I talked to Mr. Yanosey
at Morning Sun Books about PC Power. He was non-committal about it, but at
least listened to my suggestion of a new version of PC Power, but in color.
I know 13-D wasn't the most colorful road scheme ever, but the many
subtleties of weathering would be revealed through a color-format book to
complement the black-and-white version. For him, it would be a new product
that I think would sell out, and for us it would be a great addition to the
existing book. What do you guys think?

Best wishes,


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>    Greetings ALL,
>       Yes Gary, Lots of PRR and Penn Central stuff sale. I picked up
> some very large PC trailer decals. Got some PRR Passenger Consist Books
> and some PRR CT 1041 Train Records for Pennsy's Fast Freights: AC-1,TT3,
> and "The Yankee Jet". I did see a "Penn Central Power" book for sale. He
> wanted 200 bucks for it. I don't know if thats good or bad price.
>        I brought some of my old Penn Central Pittsburgh Div. dispatch
> sheets to share with Chip Symes. Then we went to Enola to talk about the
> good ol' days.....you know like: 40ft boxcars,open auto racks, 40ft
> trailers on brown TTX flats,green 86ft High Cubes, GP30s, SD45s,E44s,
> "Vitamin C" GP40s. Don't that make your mouth water!!!!
> Dave Hopson

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