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Re: PC: Re: PRRT&HS convention

   Greetings ALL,

      Yes Gary, Lots of PRR and Penn Central stuff sale. I picked up
some very large PC trailer decals. Got some PRR Passenger Consist Books
and some PRR CT 1041 Train Records for Pennsy's Fast Freights: AC-1,TT3,
and "The Yankee Jet". I did see a "Penn Central Power" book for sale. He
wanted 200 bucks for it. I don't know if thats good or bad price.
       I brought some of my old Penn Central Pittsburgh Div. dispatch
sheets to share with Chip Symes. Then we went to Enola to talk about the
good ol' days.....you know like: 40ft boxcars,open auto racks, 40ft
trailers on brown TTX flats,green 86ft High Cubes, GP30s, SD45s,E44s,
"Vitamin C" GP40s. Don't that make your mouth water!!!!

Dave Hopson

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