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PC: Re: PRRT&HS convention

Was there much railroadiana for sale at the PRR T&HS convention? I just
joined this year. Man, do THEY put out a magazine! One of the first things I
noticed in the PRR T&HS mag. was a photo of ARSENAL tower with the PC sign
on it (a cast iron keystone sign that PC painted over).
You're right about that large Metro. coin hanging in back of Stuart &
Alfred, Jerry. I've often wished that it were in my basement! (Although
frankly, I'm WAY out of wall space...)


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> * Also during the same program, Mr. Watson showed slides of the inaugural
> run of the Metroliners. (See the March 1969 PC POST for more info.)
> Included was the well-known scene where Stuart Saunders, Al Perlman, John
> Volpe, and others gave speeches at Washington Union Station. What I found
> interesting were some pictures of Saunders making a speech indoors,
> probably inside the station. Behind him was hanging a large sign that
> looked just like the Metroliner medallions that you see on eBay all the
> time. I remember the first thing I thought when I saw that was "I bet Gary
> Farmer would have that sign in his basement if it was still around." :-)

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