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Re: PC: PRRT&HS convention

Very well stated Chuck. PRR, NYC & NH fans find their scapegoat in the PC. I
find it ironic that PC (& supposendly not the parent roads) had all those
derilict locomotives, all that worn out track & delapidated stations. And
they did all that damage in just 2 years! No, it was decades of trouble
coming to a head. PC "saved face" for their predecessors by taking the shame
of their respective, inevitable bankruptcies...

Gary Farmer

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On the issue of the PC, NYC, PRR & NH, this is what I've found and believe.
seems like most NYC, PRR & NH fans believe that the PC destroyed their
favorite RR. However the truth is, the NYC, PRR & NH were in serious trouble
long before the PC merger took place. In time, they would certainly have
fallen just as many other northeast roads had.

I suppose this would have been OK if they'd gone the ConRail route like the
EL, LV, CNJ and Reading because ConRail turned out to be a success story. On
the other hand the Penn Central failed and will more than likely be labeled
the cause of there favorite roads failure, rather than their road falling

Personally I feel the Penn Central was a success even though most don't
Lets face it, if the Penn Central had legislation to operate like Conrail
which for the most part made it a success story. The Penn Central might have
still been around today! Then what would the NYC, PRR & NH fans say about
the PC?

Just my 2 cents worth,


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