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Re: PC: PRRT&HS convention

On the issue of the PC, NYC, PRR & NH, this is what I’ve found and believe. It
seems like most NYC, PRR & NH fans believe that the PC destroyed their
favorite RR. However the truth is, the NYC, PRR & NH were in serious trouble
long before the PC merger took place. In time, they would certainly have
fallen just as many other northeast roads had.

I suppose this would have been OK if they’d gone the ConRail route like the
EL, LV, CNJ and Reading because ConRail turned out to be a success story. On
the other hand the Penn Central failed and will more than likely be labeled as
the cause of there favorite roads failure, rather than their road falling alone.

Personally I feel the Penn Central was a success even though most don't agree.
Lets face it, if the Penn Central had legislation to operate like Conrail did
which for the most part made it a success story. The Penn Central might have
still been around today! Then what would the NYC, PRR & NH fans say about the PC?

Just my 2 cents worth,


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