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Re: PC: PRRT&HS convention

On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 08:45:21AM -0400, Jim Homoki wrote:
> Then I may be the 3rd or 4th.  I've been going to meetings on and off
> for 10 years, and feel it's true that the majority of the members
> disdain the PC.  If they just ignored the PC it would be an improvement.
>  Their loss.

I think the problem is that the PRR folks (and NYC and NH folks too)
disdain the PC because it spelled the end of "their" railroads, like
Conrail spelled the end of the Reading, EL, CNJ, LV, etc. 

Of course, if that thinking were to prevail, then everyone should hate
all four of the current class one railroads, because surely UP, BNSF,
CSX, and NS or one of their predecessors swallowed up your favorite
railroad at some point or another. (Pretty ridiculous, isn't it?)

Remember, there is a generation of railfans growing up today that will
never know a time when the Santa Fe was around, for example.


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