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Re: PC: PRRT&HS convention


>> It's too bad that members of the PRRT&HS have
this negative view of the Penn Central. <<
He said "members", not inclusive of the entire organization. 

I would not make general statements about the PRRT&HS like that.  Poor statements like that do not improve your cause.
What cause is that? To be the step child of the PRR folks? To be treated as if your locomotives/rolling stock have leprosy?
Thanks but no thanks. The PRR and the NYC died on February 1st, 1968. May nature show no mercy on their rusting hulks.

I think that you will find that many of the PRRT&HS members like the PC as well.
Not in my neck of the woods. The few(less than a half dozen) in our area are die hard PRR men. Their way or the highway. I took the highway and they constantly derail those steam thingie-ma-jigs.

Nick Seman

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