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Re: PC: PRRT&HS convention

   Hello Nick,

       Sorry but I'll have to disagree with you on
on how a lot of PRRT&HS members feel about the Penn Central Railroad and
the PCRRHS. I'm not going to get into it here but I tried to recruit
some new members to the PC side of 1968 and they were'nt going for it. 
        I only know one other person in the Phila. Chapter of the
PRRT&HS that is in the PCRRHS. He told me that their may be another. So
now thats 3 out of 1000 members of that chapter.

       I'm just telling the truth. If you were at the PRR convention,
you would have noticed how the members cheered when Dan Cupper skipped
the Penn Central era of the Rockville Bridge. But what the heck. I'm
here to have a good time.
Dave Hopson  
Penn Central "Red Team" member

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