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PC: Re: PC Sleeper musings

     If you're still out there I tried this color.  Yes it is real close.
Also check out Modelmaster "Grun RLM62".   I have actual paint chips from PC
(ex NYC)  MU car #1032 which were peeling off this car at Croton North in
October 1978.   I saved them in a glass jar for future paint matching as
this shade of "passenger" green has always been a mystery to me.   Either
color or a mix of the two would be a great match.   I found the RLM 62 is
almost a perfect match for my paint chips but RLM 83 is closer to a PC sign
off an ex NH passenger car I bought at a show.   This adds to the argument
that different shops had variations on the shade of PC green used.
Naturally time, weathering, and lighting make a difference.
     Another factor is model vs. prototype.  My actual photos of #1032
appear light in color but the chips in my hand appear much darker.
Again...lighting etc.
     Out of all the colors I have tried and used to duplicate this shade,
these two are close enough for me.
I am also trying to get the materials together to make car name decals with
Microscale decal paper.  I have the correct font and angle but still need
the setting solution recommended for inkjet printers so I don't know how
much success I will have when I try to print.     I'll advise when I have


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Date: Thursday, November 29, 2001 12:02 AM
Subject: PC: PC Sleeper musings

>I have been working at a PC sleeper from the 43xx class.
>In trying to find a fine PC passenger paint, I have come across Testor's
>military colors. The "Modelmaster" series to be exact. There is one
>color there, "Licht Graun" #RLM 83, that matches pretty darn good. It is
>a Nazi Luftwaffe color. Adding more fascinating intrigue into our PC.
>Now, due to paint, light and film fluctuations, Licht Graun matches like
>3 cars in the PC color guide, but not all.
>If any fellas can pick up a bottle and give a private review, I would
>appreciate any opinions. It comes in bottles,acrylic and spray cans.
>I have added a pic to my website for viewing, link is below.
>Also, I have not found any lettering for car names, can anybody help
>Also, the word "sleeper" in the upper corners is had to find, any


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