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Re: PC: PRRT&HS convention

>         I got to visit Enola during the PC years. The place was a
>beehive of energy. So many trains and not enough film.
>Dave Hopson
I used to see lots of PC engines in and around Pittsburgh during the late 
70s,early 80s... along with WM and B&O F units and Amtrak E's. Since I was 
very young at the time, the thing I remember most was the *noise,* 
especially in the station :) BTW, does anyone remember PATrain?

My great-grandmother used to live about a block from what was then the MGA 
(ex-Waynesburg & Washington)line through Waynesburg, PA. At night, I'd go 
down there, and watch the coal trains fly through town on their way back to 
the mines. Since PC controlled MGA, most of the engines were from PC. I also 
watched the line change from MGA black... to MGA gray, to CR... and then to 
NS black. It went full circle!


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