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PC: Penn Central furniture

Hi list,
I had a service call on my job yesterday at the Railroad Museum Of
Pennsylvania (darn). PCRRHS 2000 convention attendees will remember this as
the museum we visited in Strasburg, Pa with all the prototype equipment
inside & out. Having never been on the second floor of the museum, I was
(very pleasently) surprised to learn that there are some ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS
treasures for a railroadiana nut like me up there. To start with, oil
paintings (many life-sized) of almost all of the PRR presidents. Then there
is the Grif Teller exhibit, with several of his ORIGINAL PRR oil paintings
that were used for the PRR calendars. It was extraordinary to be viewing
those great works of art up close! Also, an exceptional wood carving from
the PRR board room. Other great stuff as well...Why am I sending this to the
Penn Central list you may be asking? Well, there was one more piece of
railroadiana in that room...a little mohagany table with a single drawer in
the top & a wooden magazine pocket on the side. On top of the table was a
museum sign "Table From Penn Central Business Car: Donated by the William
Moore estate" OUCH! Man, would I love to have that piece in my collection
(who wouldn't)! I think my wife would even let me keep it in the living room
(although everyone would be required to use a coaster when sitting a drink
on it) :o) Naa, too important & beautiful to be in someone's house. It's
nice it's in the museum where everyone can enjoy it (I wonder if I could
volunteer to dust it once a month)  :o)
Go visit it if you're in the area...it's one of the few, VERY few really
nice, first class pieces of PC railroadiana in existance!

Gary Farmer

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