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Re: PC: pc loco control box

 On Ex New Haven equipment It the (T/C) boxes were mounted in different
places. On the U-25s it was next to the cab on the Engineers side. On the 
425s was mounted inside out of sight. The RS11s were on the Fireman's side
on the walkway behind the cab sub-base with a plate over it and a step on the 
end plate to walk over it. When modeling any unit always check the units you
want to do with pictures for the correct mounting locations. Some EX New Haven
units had the Cab Signal Boxes. Some S-1s - S-2s RS-1s & RS3s SW-1200s
ALL GP-9s RS11s U-25s C-425s and both types of H-16-44s but some H-16s
had them removed by the time of the PC take over.
  I hope this helps.
        Jim Evans

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