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Re: PC: megaphones on ex NH S2's

  The ALCO hi hood and S-1 and S-2 all had a three chime air whistle mounted
on the engineer's side of the unit on top of the long hood next to the cab 
and near
the side of the long hoods by the roof overhang on some or just under it.
Hi hoods were mounted on the side of the hood next to the cab. ALL were below
the roof line of the units. To make a New Haven or an EX NH unit the cab roof 
also need to be lowered in the center of the units. All NH units had the low 
option. When looking at the end of the unit the outside top windows are the 
height as the inside windows at the top. The head light is lower and the door 
is also
lower then on a standard ALCO unit. Only one NH unit had M/U capability. Unit
0609 and it was on the long hood only to mate with the slug DT-1 for the 
hump.  I hope this helps
            Jim Evans

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