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PC: Web site update

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you all know that I've updated the PC web site 
tonight. Included are updated model decal information (thanks to Greg 
Komar) and new pictures of PC models contributed by site visitors. There's 
also a link to Gene Fusco's model photo page on the site.

So in case you were wondering....I'm still updating the web site. Now that 
we're in the season of yard work and railfanning, the updates may be a 
little sporadic. I still have a large pile of photos to add too; however, 
I'm getting a little low on disk space. Fortunately, a new web and mail 
server should be coming soon so I'll have more space and horsepower, and we 
can finally retire the 486 PC that has been hosting the site and list since 
its inception...

As always, the PC site is at http://pc.smellycat.com/


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