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PC: Items of interest - perhaps

I just happened to think that there may be several items of 
interest to PC fans on my Railroads of Madison County 
web site at http://madisonrails.railfan.net

I have found PC items and photos in this area hard to come 
by, but all of the NYC and PRR lines went into PC and 
were operated or abandoned by it. On the Memory pages 
are a couple of articles by Maurice Lewman on Train Orders 
and Hand Signals that may be of interest. The Train Orders 
shown start as NYC forms and cover PC forms as well. 
Maurice started on the NYC and then PC and worked 
from Elkhart in the North to Louisville in the South with 
most of his work (and stories) being in South Anderson 
and on the NYC/PC Michigan Division.

There is a shot of the last PC passenger train through Elwood 
Indiana on PRR/PC trackage and a shot of the PC emblem 
on the concrete overpass in South Anderson Yard.

That's about it. I won't bore anyone by repeating this in the 
future unless I caome across some good PC items.

Roger Hensley

=== Central Indiana Division, MWR, NMRA ===
=== http://cid.railfan.net/ ===

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