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PC: Wright Trak Caboose Shipment Update

First off, someone wrote to me a few weeks back about an order that was sent
to Wright Trak
by their mother as a Christmas gift to them.  The order was shipped to but
never received by this
individual's mother's address.  I have lost your e-mail address and would
like to follow up with you
as to whether or not you have received your order.  Since the check was
written from your mother's
account I don't have your name.  Would you please contact me again
confirming the quantity that she
ordered  (we have it on fill here) and let me know if you received the
replacement order.  Contact me
off list at WrightTrak -AT- hemc.net as soon as possible as we want to make sure
you have your
order now.
Now to all others,
We are at this time almost 99% complete in shipping the NYC Lot 782/PC -
Conrail class N7
caboose kits.  We have only a handful left to go and will be getting them
out next week.  We have
had to order some extra roofs as the ones we have remaining in stock were
damaged in transit
and are chipped along the ribs.  New roofs will be shipping to me on Monday
and once they
arrive here we will be getting the few orders that remain shipped out.  I
will be contacting those
of you who have placed orders and have not received them to see if you would
prefer me to ship
you your kits this weekend without roofs and ship the roofs under separate
cover late next week.
If you choose to have your roofs shipped separately it will cost you no
additional postage.
We have been shipping orders for several months now via US Mail - Priority
Mail.  We have had
a few to write and say that they have not received their kits.  We will be
more than happy to replace
free of charge any orders that have been lost in shipment.  Some have simply
been just too slow
in arriving.  A very, very few have disappeared altogether.
If you placed an order for the NYC Lot 782 / PC - Conrail class N7 caboose
and have not received
your order, PLEASE contact me off list at WrightTrak -AT- hemc.net
We will advise you as to whether your order is one of the very few remaining
to ship (pending the
arrival of replacement roofs) or when it was shipped to you.
Either way, no one who has ordered a kit will be left out.  You WILL receive
your shipment.
So far I have been very pleased with the US Postal Service.  Of course, in
the case of lost shipments
I do find myself uncomfortable in that someone is lacking their order, but
be assured I want to make
absolutely sure that everyone who ordered a caboose has theirs in their
hands no later than the end
of April.  If you place an order I can assure you that you will have your
caboose(s) in a timely manner.
We have been filling orders in the order that they were received from late
last year and early on this
year and it has been a very busy job.  But, as I said, we are now within
just a few (less than 10) orders
away from having them all filled.  So, if you have ordered and have not
received yours PLEASE contact
me if you have not already heard from me concerning the status of your
We want to make certain that everyone has been taken care of.
If you have ordered Southern Railway radio receiver car(s) and have not
received your orders
yet, all remaining orders for this car will be shipped tomorrow (April 19th)
via Priority Mail.
Please allow 3-5 days for delivery if you have not received yours yet.  Many
of those have already
shipped out as well and the remaining orders should be received by the
recipient by no later
than the end of next week.
Due to the tremendous popularity of our models we have had difficulty
keeping extra stock on
hand.  We always order far more models than we have orders for but once they
arrive so do like
number of orders and thus we are sold out upon delivery.
We have now ordered quite enough stock over orders AND expected orders so
that orders can be
filled immediately upon receipt.  We will continue to do this so that there
will be no further delays in
the future in getting orders out.
Thank you all for your tremendous support of Wright Trak Railroad Models!
Remember also, we are open to your suggestions for future model projects!
Gary Wright
Wright Trak Railroad Models
886 Rocky Branch Road
Clarkesville, GA  30523
WrightTRAK -AT- hemc.net

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