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PC: Re: Re: More Pennsy Brass For Sale

All I have left is the Pennsy N5b and it is in the original box and has
excellent foam and the
box is in excellent condition.  The caboose itself is in absolutely
excellent condition with no
tarnish whatsoever.  A real beauty!
If you want it I'll hold it until I hear from you.
Gary Wright

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Date: Monday, April 15, 2002 4:09 AM
Subject: PC: Re: More Pennsy Brass For Sale

>Have these all been sold yet?  I'm kind of late coming home to this e-mail,
>but I'm interested in one or possibly two of these (as from the initial
>e-mail) -
>Do they have original boxes?
>Bill K.
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>Subject: PC: More Pennsy Brass For Sale
>> Guys,
>> I have just found a Sunset Pennsylvania N5b cabin without antennas in my
>> collection.
>> Mint condition, excellent brass - no tarnish, never run.
>> It goes for $45.00 to whomever would like to have it.
>> Contact me off list please  WrightTrak -AT- hemc.net
>> Gary Wright

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