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Re: PC: Are These Photos of Penn Central Equipment?

From: "Jim Kosty" <j_kosty -AT- hotmail.com>

>These appear to be pictures of a retired Burlington 
Northern caboose.  The 
>green is darker than PC green, and the yellow ends 
were a BN standard.  
>Also, PC did not have that style of cupola caboose.  
It appears to be an 
>International Car Co. Wide Vision car built probably 
sometime in the early 
>to late seveties, although I am not totally sure on 
the date.
>Jim Kosty
The lube stencil on the second page indicates a build 
date of 1972. Since it's a cupola-style caboose, I 
believe that would certainly rule it out as a PC car. 
(Plus the other facts mentioned above.)

Peter King in NY
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