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PC: Cheap thrill

Hi list,
My job took me past the RR Museum of Pennsylvania this morning. They have
restored the former PRR "J" (PC's "LEMO") tower from Lemoyne PA and it sits
on the Strasburg RR's property. I always like driving by there to look at
the tower & remember when she stood at her original location. Today was
different however. As I got close, what was sitting in front of the tower?
The RR museum's Penn Central MP54 #607! The PC logo really took me by
surprise. What a thrill to see it, untouched, on a piece of equipment! I
later found out that the museum is re-laying some track & they moved some
cars around. The MP54 is in ROUGH shape, but it sure was a thrill to see!

While on the subject, the museum has also acquired some former PRR/PC/SEPTA
cars. One of them (#246) still has it's PC numberboard intact on the side.
Another nice thing to see!

Gary Farmer

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