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PC: brass model N-11

To:  Penn Central Mailist
From:  Robin L. Harris
Re:  N-11 and N-11E  PC/CR caboose brass model

I have been lobbying the customers I meet at The Train Station in Columbus,
Oh to try and get a brass importer to consider doing a PC/CR N-11 and N-11E
transfer caboose.  Some of them have close access to the ear of a
well-respected importer.  It seemed to me that the N-11 would get more
consideration than a re-make of the N-6A.

My lobbying may have paid off.  I got a call last night from one of  the
guys, and he expressed that there was more than casual interest in the
project.  BUT, there appears to be no source of drawings.  Can anyone on
the mailist point me in the right direction to a source of diagrams?

The following information was found on Tom Wolfgang's Conrail Cabin and
Caboose web page:

140 cars 18450-18599 ex PC 18450-18599, ex PRSL 250-252.
Transfer type, small end platforms, no cupola or bay windows. The carbody
of these cars is the same size as the N-6A/N-9/N-9E cars but the end
platforms and truck centers are shorter. There were 75 N-11s and 75 N-11Es
built in 1969 and 1970 by the PC at their ex NYC Despatch Shops. I don't
know where the break was in the 11/11E group. Three of these cars came from
the PRSL and were renumbered into slots left vacant by PC era scrappings,
numbers were 18559,18564 & 18565.

Preserved examples:

Class N-11
Harrington         DE   CR 18517       ex-PC 18517, Class N-11, no trucks,
storage shed,
                          Conrail Yard, off Fairgrounds Street

Rio Grande         NJ   CR 14034?      transfer, Class N-11, Cape May
Seashore Lines

Industry           NY   PC 18526?      as CR 18526, transfer, built 1969,
Rochester &
                          Genesee Valley Railroad Museum, NY

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