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Re: PC 7049 (was PC: PC Power for Sale)

In a message dated 3/12/2002 7:24:35 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
robert.holzweiss -AT- nara.gov writes:

<< Gary Steubben is treating us to some nice PC images this week. >>


Also, while I'm thinking about it, you know that GP9 that is in Wellersburg, 
Wva?  Well, it was painted black many moons ago by my good friend who at the 
time was President of the people who own it, and after years of neglect (for 
lack of better word) she was spotted this weekend with PC Red/White worms, 
and totally painted.  Good going guys!!!  I saw the unit back in 1999, and it 
wasn't looking to good.  Also, the Weirton Steel S2 and NKP caboose have been 
fully cosmetically restored.  Now, if we could just get to see the 7049 
trundle around on the Wheeling Secondary Track, life would really be good!!! 

Matt "The Z Man" Adams
CSXT MP BAX 3.4 - Frederick Branch; Old Main Line Sub, Baltimore Div
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