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Re: PC: PC Power for Sale

just was sold

Jim H

>>> robert.holzweiss -AT- nara.gov 03/12/02 19:25 PM >>>
Item Type:  Appointment
Start Date:  03/12/2002  09:00 pm EST  (Tuesday)  
Duration:  1 Hour

Hello list

This afternoon I was cruising AbeBooks.com for some railroad books and discovered a Yanosey PC Power for $82.00 which is probably about as low as a book seller will get.  Just go to http://www.abebooks.com/ and put Yanosey in the author box.

Also, if you follow the updates on the "Fallen Flags" web site, PC list member Gary Steubben is treating us to some nice PC images this week.  The PC section with Gary's previous contributions is quite large if you have not seen it already.  The site is at http://www.dnaco.net/~gelwood/

Bob Holzweiss

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