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PC: Penn Central Lightning stripe!!!!!!!

A few months ago, there was a question on whether any ex-NYC locomotives
retained their lightning stripes into the PC era.  The general consensus (to
which I formerly subscribed) was that the lightning stripe scheme, which NYC
stopped using in 1959, disappeared by 1965.  But, as I was going through
some new (to me) negatives tonight, I stumbled across NYC 7471 in lightning
stripe.  The negative is dated 8/16/67, only six months before merger!

So, you say ... maybe the date is wrong?  No, the date is correct!!!  The
photo was taken by "The Garys" who were careful to date stamp their
negatives.  Also, 7471 is a PC number applied during the pre-merger 1966
renumbering. The locomotive was previously NYC 6071.

While I have yet to find a lightning striped locomotive photo dated after
Feb 1, 1968, this is pretty good evidence that at least one locomotive made
it all the way to the PC era!

See for yourself:

NYC 7471 at Collinwood, OH, 8/16/67 (photo by The Garys):

PC 7471 at Columbus, OH, 10/6/70 (photo by Joseph R. Quinn):

Gary Stuebben
Dayton, OH

P.S.  Jerry -- you might want to add these photos to your web site!

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