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PC: Re: Penn Central Lightning stripe!!!!!!!

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From: "Gerhard A. Stuebben" <stuebben -AT- flash.net>

> A few months ago, there was a question on whether any ex-NYC locomotives
> retained their lightning stripes into the PC era.  The general consensus
> which I formerly subscribed) was that the lightning stripe scheme, which
> stopped using in 1959, disappeared by 1965.  But, as I was going through
> some new (to me) negatives tonight, I stumbled across NYC 7471 in
> stripe.  The negative is dated 8/16/67, only six months before merger!
> So, you say ... maybe the date is wrong?  No, the date is correct!!!  The
> photo was taken by "The Garys" who were careful to date stamp their
> negatives.  Also, 7471 is a PC number applied during the pre-merger 1966
> renumbering. The locomotive was previously NYC 6071.
> While I have yet to find a lightning striped locomotive photo dated after
> Feb 1, 1968, this is pretty good evidence that at least one locomotive
> it all the way to the PC era!


>From my Canada Southern website, GP9  #7437 survived into 1968 in the
lightning stripe.

Also, at least one of the Canada Southern wood cabooses was repainted PC.

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario
trlink -AT- canadasouthern.com

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