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Re: PC: general question-lube plates and aci tags

<<<one of our modelers wanted me to ask when lube plates and aci tags
started showing up on pc equipment. also, i don't remember any aci tags
on passenger equipment. i can't find my old articles on this stuff.>>>

I have a short list I got off of a freightcar list for the PC era...

1968   ACI labels required for interchange (should be earlier?)

1970   cast iron wheels banned from interchange (before Jan 2 

1970   No underframes over 50 years (blt before Jan 2 1970?) 

1972   first version COTS                      
 1974  Jan 1; running boards to be removed from all cars 

1974   No underframes over 40 years if blt before July 1, 1974 

1974   No underframes over 50 years if blt beginning July 1, 1974 

1974   Plate E maximum height 15-9 adopted (1974 ORER) 

1974   Plate F maximum height 17-0 adopted (1974 ORER) 

1974   second version COTS                     
1975   Plate H maximum height 20-2 established (after 1975?)

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