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PC: Ex PC C636 Spotted

Got this off another list...


Hello everyone, my name is Tim and I'm a conductor for the Indiana
Harbor Belt Railroad. As I was delivering an empty IC hopper train from
Burns Harbor, IN to the IHB, I passed the Delta Bulk Terminal ex-CR
6793. It was sitting on the CSX Garrett to Chicago mainline near EJ&E's
Kirk Yard on a CP train heading from Chicago to Grand Rapids, MI. I
couldn't tell you what the symbol was, it had a CP SD40-2 in the lead
with a CP AC4400CW trailing, then a tank car, then the 6792. It was
around 10:00 AM when I saw it, I would assume it's in Grand Rapids by
now. The engineer's side, was showing the "CONRAIL" name and can opener
logo, of course painted over, but you could see it plain as day. the
nose had white paint on it, you could also see the "CONRAIL" easily.
>From now on I'm taking a camera to work, God knows what I'll miss the
next time. This was a big highlight for me, never seeing an Alco painted
Conrail blue with my own eyes. Maybe someday I'll catch another one.
Tim Hager
Chesterton, IN
CP 482 Chicago Line

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