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PC: The start of the PC List archives

Hi all,

For the past couple of nights, I've been working on a project to finally 
begin archiving all of the past e-mails from this mailing list to the PC 
web site. However, before I go to all of the trouble to archive all five 
years and 15 megabytes of stuff, I wanted to let you all play with it first 
for a week or two. I'm trying to find out (a) if this is something everyone 
would be interested in seeing, and (b) if so, is it in a useful format.

If this meets with positive feedback, then I will over time archive all of 
the PC list, going back to 11/30/96, on my web site. If not, then I'll save 
myself some time and hassle. To begin with, the archive will be updated 
manually, probably once a month or so. Eventually, once I finally get the 
new web and mail server installed, I'll set it up so that messages will be 
archived automatically as they are posted.

For those of you technically-minded folks, I'm using MHonArc to do the 
archiving. It is a wonderful tool.

Anway, you can find the start of the PC List archives at 

Unfortunately, it is not searchable yet. I hope to make it searchable 
eventually, so please give me some time.

Please direct any comments, good or bad, to me off-list at 
jer -AT- smellycat.com. Thanks.


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